Saturday, 25 November. 2017  

Our Customers

SFC is an Integrator and Solution Provider for the Semiconductor Equipment and Assembly Industry.

Our comptence ranges from SEMI GEM standard equipment integration to complete solutions including server systems for wafer/substrate mapping and device tracking.



The SCC-07 driver features quick and easy integration of your equipment or host to the SEMI SECS standards.

The WSCC-07 driver features SEMI SECSII Stream 12 Wafermapping communications for your equipment.




Wafer mapping servers
A Wafermap server allows centralized storage of wafermaps in the factory. See what this tool can do for you...

Substrate / Strip / Wafer map servers
Extend the wafermapping to complete strip tracking and device tracking. This tool supports the latest SEMI standards in substrate tracking...


Equipment Device Tracking
Get your equipment ready to identify substrates with a dot matrix reader. We provide the tools and expertiese ...